Cultural Marxism


On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the zeitgeist of political correctness, identity politics and radical social thought that saturates the current media landscape and partisan discourse; a system of criticism of social inequality and progressive philosophy called Cultural Marxism. Often seen as a racist or anti-Semitic term, the inception of Cultural Marxism or Cultural Bolshevism as it was known, came from what it known as The Frankfurt School; made of students at the Goethe Frankfurt University who specialised in Social Research. These sociologists and philosophers, used the writings of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and others to analyse current social paradigms and these writings have been the staple of liberal politics for almost 100 years

Famous proponents of the Frankfurt School would be Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci and as the Nazi regime enveloped Germany in the 30s they all had to flee for safety. They found refuge in the college halls of the North East of America and began to write and teach when we know today as Critical Theory. Elements of these writings have spawned certain political and philosophical movements like Post Modernism and Political Correctness and the generational procession of these ideas through the university system has empowered students in contemporary humanities courses to protest and advocate for civil rights. Others see this protestation as snowflake culture and seek to undermine the agenda of the liberal left by labelling it the now derogatorily perceived moniker of Cultural Marxism. There is also a backlash against language and a policing of content and behaviour in the form of trigger warnings, microaggressions, safe spaces and censorship.

One point of contention is the emasculation of certain men, known as beta males or soy boys, which is a trend of the left online; and the conversation about toxic masculinity and feminazis rages in the streets and on the internet. Protest culture and online pressure to adhere to a certain code of conduct laid down by big data forces, sympathetic of liberal politics, makes it difficult to have a balanced discourse on these topics online. Legislation and policy changes in online spaces have also hampered discussion and mass censorship of conservative ideas on the internet has drawn these people out into the open to show their support in the streets. This invariably leads to clashes with socialist protestors and people who support the deplatforming of conservative speakers both in real life and by brigading their employment or media publications.

The Socialist agenda seems to be supported by powerful elements in government; mainstream media; and because of the long march through the institutions promoted by the proponents of this so called Cultural Marxism; supported by college professors who are indoctrinating, encouraging and activating college students to these types of political behaviours. This left vs right paradigm is reaching critical mass and we discuss the different elements of these political though processes, the physical results, the history of their inception and how their application can mean an almost irreversibly divided society and a growth of a pair of partisan political paragons


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