Flat Earth

Flat Earth

On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the most controversial conspiracy topic there is; a belief system that has brother fighting against brother and has lit the internet ablaze in the last few years with growing numbers of evangelists online reaching record numbers, we are talking about the theory of The Flat Earth. From knowledge almost forgotten from ancient maps and turn of the century enlightened thrill seeking scientists and sociologists, the theory of the flat earth has had an ebb and flow on society. Saying we lived on a globe was once heresy and then it was absolute truth, and in the modern age questioned again by late 19th century scientists and flat earth enthusiasts

The evolution of the world map was only as quick as the advancement of the technology that was used to create them. Ancient mariners had very rudimentary maps of their local area, favouring size for their own dominion of course. But new methods of cartography showed a world few had seen and left artefacts to cast doubt on the true shape of the planet. Modern theories include accusations of informational obfuscation and hidden taunting messages in the logos of government and enterprise organisations. Manipulating scientific measurement equipment and fudging the numbers on satellite imagery is the explanation for the hidden flat plane aspect of the earth and new accusations fly every day.


Sea faring explorers both old and new have given in to the inexorable pull to circumnavigate  the globe, but when reaching Antarctica they invariably run into some problems. Either multi national legal prohibitions or physical hurdles which make navigation impossible. Antartica remains a mystery and a source of many spurious allegations. Hard science is even put into question in the crucible of the Flat Earth mentality. The sinking ship effect and other optical and physical illusions and malformities mean that the world we expect is not fully there when we actually go to investigate. Atmospheric refraction, sinking ships, even fake moon walks and Einstein’s special relativity is put into question in order to find the truth.

To imagine we live in a construct that is comprised of a huge flat disc, covered in water and land and surrounded by a giant ice wall, that hurtles through space at an impossible speed; its not a far stretch for some people and they have a certain science to prove their hypothesis. Or is it all post truth nonsense from internet people who want to shake up how people think about the world, questioning the very fabric of reality in an attempt to wake the population up to the fact that there are stranger things in reality happening than living on a flat infinite plane!

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  1. I loved your flat earth episode, but come on man you’ve got two guys on there that think we went to the moon. What a joke, and this whole bullshit of flying up words and 9.8 seconds per hour is bullshit. We are sitting still in gravity is explain the way by density and buoyancy. # earth is flat homeboy

  2. You dudes need to do a vaccines episode. It will blow your paradigm. Like…read the ingredients. Stuff you can eat and (sort of) eliminate is not also stuff you can inject into muscle. Look up squalene and what it does when injected. Until you check it out, you’ll be spreading some pretty damaging misinfo.

  3. Hello Guys, what just listening to you FE episode. I wanted to point out that mainstream science made up Dark Energy and Dark Matter!

    Also please make an episode about the Electric Universe theory ?

  4. In today’s society, you could believe anything you want, and you will find supporting evidence. You could be living in an entirely different universe from the person passing you by on the street.

  5. If we live on a flat earth then how do we not live in perpetual sunlight or darkness in shady spots? I think it’s a perfectly valid theory but the science does point to a globe shape.

  6. Anonymous you are really on form today love it.
    Wouldn’t have shady spots or sunny spots,nothing would grow,we would be stagnant. Also I am not too convinced on one or three points of their manifesto

  7. Please do something if you can about the ads coming on 5X louder than the podcast.


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