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There is a ‘Revisited’ version of this episode now and the original file from this show can be found on Youtube or on our Patreon page. We suggest listening to the new version as this one was unfortualtely cut short and the quality was sub-par. We tackle the subject now with our new equipment and our new outlook and it sounds great!

How to make a wish correctly on New Year’s so that it will definitely come true
At the same time, the Ox will favor long-dating couples, here Rakov will find calm and harmony. By the way, the best time for marriage will be spring.

The Year of the Ox will become ambiguous sex chat roulette for family Cancers. According to the love horoscope, in winter, spouses will make endless claims to each other and even demand a divorce. However, in the spring, the relationship will improve, small sparks will flare up to a real fire and return to their former passion. In other words, the lives of some of the zodiac signs will turn into a second honeymoon.



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