Hitler and the Nazi Occult

On this episode we discuss the blood curdling conspiracy theories of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Occult connections. The overt and intricate influence of mediums, psychics and secret societies on the Third Reich. The Nazi faith in the world of pagan rituals and ancient esoteric beliefs of a Godlike father race of man. The blood magic and iconography of the dark arts that propelled them and the possible connections with aliens, UFOs and the search for religious artifacts of rumored supernatural power.

Hitler and the Nazi Occult
Adolf Hitler salutes troops of the Condor Legion who fought alongside Spanish Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally upon their return to Germany, 1939.

Hitler and the Nazi Occult

Hitler and the Nazi Occult

On this Podcast we scour the world on the trail of Hitler and the Nazi Occult conspiracy theories. Rising from the ashes of the greatest conflict of modern times came tales of satanic ritual, blood magic and occult symbology. Every generation since World War 2 has pondered the inexplicable nature in which the Third Reich captivated German consciousness and swept effortlessly through Europe in an unprecedented flurry of power and control. But it’s the theories of a supernatural source and paranormal ideology behind that power and control that alludes to a truth long hidden from society and buried in the fallout of WWII. Whilst there’s certainly some backing and understanding of the kinky controversy about Hitler in the public mind, this area is one less explored. We discuss the occult movements in Germany and the rest of Europe and the theories that attempt to reconcile the inconsistencies of the official narrative of the Nazis.

Himmler, Thule and Indiana Jones

Hitler and the Nazi Occult
Arnold Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Starting from the Völkisch movement in 18th century Germany beliefs in esoteric spiritualism and occult paganism have been a key part of Teutonic folklore and tradition. And it was these beliefs that informed the secret societies who spread throughout German high society in wake of World War 1 and are said to have shaped the political landscape of post communism Germany using very tangible influence on government and media to place Hitler and the Nazi party on the path to power. But it was their occult beliefs that drove the iconography, propaganda and rhetoric of the Third Reich. Theories talk of Thule and Vril society members Heinrich Himmler and Rudolph Hess and the Nazi hierarchy selected from the members of these societies and the blood magic, sex rituals and psychic instruction that consumed them. Their remit was the search for Christian artifacts as tools of supernatural power and the extinction of the Jewish race, seen as the harbingers of the anti-Christ. A story seemingly ripped from the scripts of Indiana Jones movies including the hunt for the Ark of the covenant and the Holy Grail. We talk about the formation of the Thule and Vril societies and the astrologers, numerologists, mediums and tarot readers who surrounded the Nazis and their unbelievable operations in the hunt for supernatural oddities.

Hitler and the Nazi Occult
He loves it!

Aryan blood, Alien power

The other intriguing aspect of the paranormal theories around the Nazis is their possible connection with extra terrestrial entities and their belief in the long held human idea of alien intervention in our genesis. The Abnenerbe Institut was founded on the basis of the Übermensch theory that the Aryan bloodline holds the original DNA of our Promethian progenitors spread across the globe after the fall of Atlantis. The search for this bloodline leading the Nazis from Antarctica to Tibet and the final solution the destruction of inferior races and a eugenics system to restore the power of the human genome. The theories even going so far as talk of Nazi UFOs, commune with alien intelligence and the hidden knowledge that led to the mysteries of the Hollow Earth and beyond. We cover all the operations and information of Nazi and E.T. connections and the incredible beliefs in Ariosophy.

With Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Baron Rudolph von Sebottendorf, Lanz von Liebenfels, Guido Von List, Alfred Rosenberg, Anton Drexler, Karl Harrer, Dietrich Eckhart, Henry Ford, Maurice Jolys, Krafft, Karl Haushofer, Karl Maria Wiligut, Erik Jan Hanussen, Hans Kammler, Otto Rahn, Nicholas Goodrick Clarke, Carnegie, Rockefeller, the Völkischer Beobachter, Project Silverbug, Station 211, Neuschwabenland, Wewelsburg Castle, The Black Sun, The Spear of Longinus and The Morning of Magicians


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