Holocaust Denial

On this episode we tread into the no man's land of Holocaust Denial. A topic that has become as contentious, and litigious, a subject as any in the conspiracy canon. Holocaust deniers seek to rewrite the history of World War 2 and believe in a connection to a global plot to obscure and exploit the information of the Nazi genocide of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and other's deemed undesirable by the Nazi hierarchy. Theories talk of a lack of procedural evidence of any organized extermination plans. They talk of faked gas chambers, population numbers and finally an allied cover-up of a Zionist agenda behind World War 2 and the formation of the state of Israel.


Holocaust Denial

On this Podcast we talk about a topic that has become one of the most taboo and contentious subjects in the conspiracy world. Holocaust Denial has now reached a point of illegality in some countries. Usually coupled with the damaging rhetoric and powerful racism of a horrific period in modern society, the repulsion to the subject is understandable. But in spite of this, for over half a century some have continued to question and investigate the claims of Holocaust deniers. Self painted revisionists, they seek to uncover a terrible truth at the heart of the darkest corners of World War 2. And to reveal a connection to a centuries old agenda of world domination. We’ll discuss the views and reactions to Holocaust Denial and the claims that have become unspeakable in some places.

The Truth in the Chamber

For Holocaust Denial the claims of deniers and revisionists center around the Concentration Camps themselves. Seeking to paint the picture of twisted Disneyland the revisionists point to entertainment, swimming and sports and even camp money and a commissary alongside the back breaking work and vile tortures. They raise questions over the Zyklon B pellets used for the extermination. Citing contrary chemical findings and structural anomalies within the gas chambers. And the prominent deniers all point to a lack of a paper trail or proven consensus surrounding an organized Nazi plot of extermination. They claim a total obfuscation of the true history of the Holocaust. We’ll cover the theories and investigations and talk about the people that espouse them in the face of almost total revulsion of society.

A History of Violence

With Jews, Soviets, Slavic people, Romany Gypsies and many others considered lesser races by the twisted Nazi hierarchy killed in the Holocaust. But the theories of the who and why behind a cover-up and orchestration of history have centered on one community. The persecution of Jewish peoples have continued throughout modern civilization. The Holocaust, and Holocaust Deniers, seem a culmination of deep-rooted antisemitic beliefs. But it’s in this history of persecution and strife that some believe a plot was born. One laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that would see an elite group use antisemitism as a way to create a financial, industrial and geographical stranglehold on the world. We’ll talk about all the theories and the opinions of the grand scheme said to be hiding in plain sight.

With Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Rudolpf Hoss, David Irving,   the Yad Vashem, the Shoah, die Endlösung der Judenfrage, the Armenian Genocide, the Wannsee Conference, Auschwitz, Dachau, Majdanek, Treblinka,


  1. Maybe the Holocaust didn’t happen. Maybe the ancient Egyptians didn’t work people to death building the pyramids, maybe the Romans didn’t conquer all of Europe, maybe the Europeans didn’t conquer the Indians. Maybe nothing bad ever happened in human history, except lying to the masses about all the bad things that happened.

  2. Who knows what happened for real cuz I cant believe what I was tot in school I always questioned everything. But the Jewish religion is not a race, so if you hate jews, your not racist, you just hate jews. Also jews are the only ones that have a degrogotary term for hating them – anti semitism, no other religious group has a term that I know of


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