James Bulger


The murder of James Bulger in February 1993 shocked Britain to the core. A little three year old boy led away from his mum in a busy shopping centre and was brutally murdered by two 10 year old boys and his mutilated body left on a train track two and a half miles away.

The two boys Robert Thompson and Jon Venebles were found guilty and tried as adults in court; which made for a media circus the likes the UK had never seen before. The lads were given new identities and kept from the limelight, presumably because they were seen to be menaces to society and the authorities were afraid of their safety.

In the years to come Jon Venebles would be found in possession of indecent images of children and be arrested, after revealing his secret identity several times to locals in his newly appointed residence. This case was one that scarred the British psyche and made mothers hold on to their children hands that little bit tighter.

Gordon Hayden joins me to talk about James Bulger in this episode.



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