Majestic 12

On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about the worst kept secret in the UFO game and the people behind the biggest open secret on this, or any other planet; this time we are talking about Majestic 12. After the crash at Roswell in 1947, the US media machine realised the insatiable imagination that the American news reading population had; and the voracious appetite with which they could deliver and consume stories about UFOs, flying saucers and spaceships from other worlds.With such a widely discussed topic; and the potential to upset the status quo on our world; the American government had to make a move towards controlling the flow and content of these news stories. So in 1947, under direction from PResident Harry S Truman Operation MJ12 was conceived.
The Majestic 12 were a top ranking team comprised of the premiere military and technological minds of the day; including top scientists, engineers, Army, navy and airforce top brass and even the soon to be first director of the CIA. Very little is provided as conclusive proof that this clandestine organisation existed BUT UFOologists Bill Moore and Stan Freedman were the discoverers of documents that details the workings and members of this MJ12 and were even gilded with awards from the UFO society for these discoveries.
The inconclusive artefacts and documents pertaining to the existence of Majestic 12 may still come under heavy scrutiny from some; but when examined beside provable and demonstratable operations that were carried out by US military and intelligence communities it doesnt seem so far fetched. Now famous operation codenames like Project Bluebook, Project Sign, Project Mogul and others all point to a cover up of UFO technology and extra terrestrial existence. Some may even say that the whole thing is a government level hoax perpetrated on gullible imagineers who want to believe. The so called Mirage Men and other like them confess to deliberately spreading misinformation about UFOs, EBEs and other wordly technology in some sort of bid to lure in, and then discredit those who would seek the truth.


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