Jeffrey Dahmer


On this episode we talk about The Milwaukee Monster; a man who invented the term bag of dicks; and one of the most famous and depraved killers in history; Jeffrey Dahmer. Born into a relatively normal family, Jeffrey began his life work and graphic depravities at a young age. An attention seeker with an alcohol problem, Jeffrey wasn’t short of attention but when his inner desires rose to the top it resulted in frequent and horrendously violent ends for his victims.

Famously known as The Milwaukee Cannibal; Jeffrey was known to keep the bodies of his victims in his fridge for weeks, slowly consuming them; but this was not the apex of his human experimentation. With a confession of 17 murders there could still be more who died at Jeffrey’s hand.

Joining me on this episode are Marcus O’Laoire and Taz Kelleher from In The Shower podcast


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