Jimmy Savile and The Paedophile Scandal


On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we talk about undoubtedly one of the worst and most prolific paedophiles in history; Jimmy Savile. We chat about how his high powered career at the BBC, his tireless charity work and his lofty appointments by The Pope and The Queen of England couldn’t keep the truth from coming out after his death in 2011 and reports of up to 450 men, women and children suffered at the cigar stained hands of this monster.

Starting as a DJ in the 40s and working his way through the ranks of the modern media, Jimmy Savile was at the forefront of what would become a broadcasting behemoth. The BBC went through an unprecedented scandal after Savile’s death and all eyes were on them, how they responded, others who were involved, and police investigations sought to discover Savile’s accomplices and maybe even his customers.

We talk about his early life, his propensity for psychopathy, the complicity of his underlings in the BBC and the institutions where he was installed as a charitable benefactor, the children hospitals and homes where staff turned a blind eye to the very obvious and unspeakable crimes he committed on the very young, the very old and even the disabled. With a veil of benevolence and a way with the media, Savile hid in plain sight and his victims only spoke out after confirmation of his death.

With the sexual assault allegations levelled against Savile, a dam was burst and many other more sinister crimes were alleged. The Metropolitan Police Service launched Operation Yewtree, one of dozens of sexual abuse investigations opened at the time, to try to find any links to still living perpetrators. Modern child abuse scandals like Pizzagate, also bear the marks of Savile’s actions and there are strong suspicions that he wasn’t even the top of the pile when it came to these horrific crimes.

Presented by Gordo, Ed Sammon and Claire Fox


  1. claire doing the “bbeeyyyyiiieeeee” thing to people who won’t stand for pedo jokes *at the victims’ expense* is way out of line. bummer.

    if you have to try so hard to push your point that “it’s totally fine to do x!!!!11”, maybe it’s not totally fine to do x. it’s worth thinking about.

    keep your jokes at the expense of the perps. you wouldn’t joke if it were your own kid. so don’t joke at the expense of these kids. your comedy and art build and shape the world. Responsibility is key or jokes get very, very damaging and dangerous. it’s that simple. i know it’s not “cool” to say so. not worried about it.

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