Natalee Holloway

A young Alabama student goes missing on a school trip and three men are accused of her murder. After retracted confessions, multiple eye witnesses, found bones and wild theories; noone has been able to find Natalee Holloway or her killer after she went missing in 2005 on the island of Aruba.


On this episode we talk about a mystery still unsolved and a cunning murderer who hides in plain sight, this is the story of the murder of Natalee Holloway. Natalee was on holiday in Aruba on a vacation from college and she went missing just 3 days into the trip. Her body was never found and since 2005 many reports, theories and even witnesses claim to have solved the case, but Natalee remains missing and a murderer still roams free.

Local romeo Joran Van Der Sloot was the prime suspect in the case at the time. In 205 he and his two friends the Kalpoe Brothers were the last one to be seen with Natalee alive as the left a small tourist bar called Carlos and Charlies. Picking up girls was a regular occurrence for these lads but that night went a little bit differently.

Van Der Sloot claims he left Natalee on the beach after some light sexy shenanigans and she was never seen again; so obviously Van Der Sloot was implicated in her disappearance. He denied the claims, then flip flopped and said he did do it, then told many versions of the story to police and even pretended to be his father on the phone to confuse investigators and convinced a friend of his to run a sting operation with a journalist. Seriously crazy stuff.

This episode has twists and turns, some unexpected moments and a load of unbelievable oversights by law enforcement!


  1. My Theory that Natalee Holloway have been a Time Traveler from the Year 9000 so that’s means the Natalee Holloway is Not Beth Holloway’s Daughter. so That’s means
    Beth Holloway is Natalee Holloway’s past Life. So Natalee Holloway was a Time Traveler from the Her Future. But I Could be wrong.


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