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Cthulhu from HP Lovecraft Necronomicon
Cthulhu rising

H.P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon

On this Podcast we pull back the pages of the tantalizing and terrifying tome known as the Necronomicon. Rumored to be an ancient mystical text and the long fabled Book of the Dead. The ominous name and it’s detailed description were provided by the psychedelic and occult laden work of early 20th century author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The Rhode Island native whose illustrious and prolific output is seen as the foundations of modern horror, sci-fiction, fantasy and occult art. We’ll look at the genesis of the divisive and troubled author. His personal failings as a virulent racist and the posthumous successes that now see a NecronomiCon held in his hometown of Providence annually.

The Dark Lord Cthulhu

We’ll also examine the works of HP Lovecraft and the mythos of the universe and lore he created. A realm populated by unimaginable creatures and magical entities. With names like Arkham and Cthulhu, which thanks to modern media, have entered the cultural consciousness and seem only to blur the lines of reality between the rumored fact and purported fiction of these outlandish tales. His connections and parallels with groundbreaking esoteric thinkers like entertainer Harry Houdini and the Wiccan High Priest Aleister Crowley. And the mystery surrounding the Simon Necronomicon, the 1977 book that purports to be the very real inspiration for Lovecraft. But who others say is a hoax perpetrated by occult authors Kenneth Grant or Peter Levenda.

Grimoires and Black Magick

The practice of the dark arts runs through many names and theologies. Voodoo, Satanism, Black Magic, Sorcery, Alchemy, Demon worship. They all encompass the studies of witch doctor Shaman and occult obsessed secret societies. And the textbooks of magic are the Grimoires. The terrifying idea that gave birth to the cult of the Necronomicon. Archaic guides of ancient knowledge that speak of potions, spells, curses, incantations and rituals that can harness an other worldly power and even summon the dead.
We’ll consider all the information and conjecture on the existence of Magick and they possibility of necromancy and commune with the realm of the dead. We’ll talk about Arabian Djinns, the Voynich Manuscript, Witch Hammers, The Key of Solomon, Evil Dead, South Park, Buffy, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and the more than a few of the clinically insane.


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