Psychedelics and the Awakening of Consciousness

On this episode we get lost in the world of psychedelic substances and their overwhelming affect on our own personal perception of reality. From mushrooms and peyote to LSD and DMT these mind altering biochemical agents are woven into the fabric of human culture. Thousands of years of traditional experimentation and deliberation have lead up to the modern era of vilification of psychedelics and their attributes with current scientific research curtailed by the on-going global war on drugs. With their true nature, and possible place in the awakening of human consciousness, a casualty of modern society.


Psychedelics and the Awakening of Consciousness

On this Podcast we snuffle out some truffles of the magic variety as we ponder the nature of psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness. The psychotropic drugs that have for countless of millennia been an esoteric cornerstone of human culture. Some theorize they even played an invaluable effect on hominid evolution and produced the the first fully sentient mind on the path to homo sapiens. A kaleidoscopic array of mind-altering substances exists today. Each substance has their own incredible and unique abilities to manipulate reality and foster the sensation of a true consciousness existing separate from the physical world. But as their usage went from the ritualistic to the recreational a campaign of vilification saw the experimentation of their varied uses give way to a hysteria of fear. We’ll talk about the cultural history of psychedelia and the theories of the connections between psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness.

The Science of Psychedelia

From the purely organic substances like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca to the modern synthetic breakthroughs of MDMA and LSD the practical action of serotonergic psychedelics has been deciphered by science. But the continued research into their use for the treatment of depression and disorder is painting a wholly new outlook on their existence in society, this is just one of the reasons you’re now able to buy shrooms online Canada, for research and medical applications only should you hold a medical prescription allowing you to microdose. One that challenges the long standing notions of the risks of psychotic breakdown, altered mental state misadventure and addictive properties. Leading some to believe that international corporate medicine in the shape of the Big Pharma conglomerates are behind the stifling of psychedelic research globally. We’ll cover the many different substances, their purported effects and dangers, and the history of scientific evidence developing on the properties of psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness.

The War on Consciousness

It was in the 1950’s that the so called psychonauts appeared. From scientists and philosophers to artists and inventors influential people the world over wrote and preached about the personal perspective transformation involved in the use of psychedelics. Vivid accounts of nightmarish trips and commune with beings of higher consciousness. But after the disastrous affects of acid on the revolution movement of the 60’s the United Nations themselves set out on the global ban of any and all psychedelic substances. Like the religious and cultural assaults that saw the marginalization of ancient traditions of ritualistic and healing psychotropic use. Leaving the historical bias against higher thought, and the substances that act as a catalyst for it, as being woven into the great conspiracy theory of the insidious suppression of human consciousness. We’ll discuss the modern war on drugs and historical battle for free thought involving psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness.

With Humphry Osmond, Terence McKenna, Alexander Shuglin, Aldous Huxley, Albert Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Carlos Casteneda, Francis Crick, Richard Schultes, Timothy Leary, William Burroughs, Richard Nixon, Hunter Thompson, Steve Jobs, Shaman, Monoamine Neurotransmitters, Tryptophan, Mescaline, Ibogaine, Salvia, 2CB, Trip sitting, The Stoned Ape Theory, Neuro linguistic programming, Imperial College London, John Hopkins University, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Native American Hell’s Bell’s and some purely hypothetical and theoretical personal drug stories (for legal purposes)

psychedelics and the awakening of consciousness


  1. Love the tool/Alex Grey art work! Can’t wait to hear this podcast!!!! I personally feel that tripping 2 times a year resets my clock and let’s me see the universe unravel a little better. Spiral out!


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