Santa Claus – The Truth Revealed

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Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Santa Claus

On this Podcast we cover the international man of mystery, the omnipotent watchdog of behavior, the personification of generosity and the most famous philanthropist in history. From the man, to the myths, to the legend, it’s Santa Claus: the truth revealed. Looking into the man himself and his connections to the Xmas festivities of today and how the two have evolved over centuries. From the Dutch Sinterklaus and Nordic Jultid to the German Kris Kringle and Russian Ded Moroz we’ll take a look at every face of Santa.

The truth revealed

Starting at his early life in Turkey we chart the rise of Nicholas of Myra, his indoctrination into early Christianity through his Bishop uncle, to his anonymous acts of generosity and the preaching of a message of selflessness and kinship. A message which would put him at odds with the Greek empire of the time. But it was his life’s work, and the tales that spread before and after his death that lead to his becoming a ‘saint of the people’. We’ll even talk about the mystery surrounding his final resting place and the clamor for divine artifacts following his passing. Leaving his true resting place a hotly contested debate between many sites.

The Spirit of the season

We’ll discuss the origins of the Christmas holiday and the genesis of it’s myriad traditions. From the first Christmas under Pope Julius the first and it’s original message of inclusion, compromise and community to the Black Friday, Buzz Lightyear Xmas of today we’ll cover all the stops along Santa’s way. Featuring druids and pagans, Nordics and Egyptians. The first tannenbaum to the modern Christmas tree. The significance of the tinsel, baubles, angels and stars that cover it. The marrying of the Christmas cards to carol singing. All rounding on the shaping and misappropriating of Santa and Christmas throughout the 20th century and finishing with our own holiday message.


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