The Boston Bombings – Part 1

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The Boston Bombings
The Tsarnaev Brothers, one dead, one captured.

The Boston Bombings (Part1)

On this Podcast we look at the most visceral of recent domestic terror attacks in the US, the Boston bombings. Surrounded by horrific images of a merciless attack and the martial law that rolled out ahead of an unprecedented manhunt for the perpetrators. An event hot on the heels of the Sandy Hook school shootings and one that almost immediately in it’s aftermath gave rise to conspiracy theories. In the Boston Bombings (Part 1) we’ll cover the official story of the attacks and the inconsistencies around the investigation and aftermath.

Crisis actors

A new facet of conspiracy theories of ‘false flag’ or somewhat staged events is the existence of crisis actors. People suspected of being ‘in’ on the event and who participate in selling the story, or even in claiming celebrity and financial perks from their involvement. And many of the victims of these grotesque attacks have come under the eye of suspicion. Some claim Carlos Arredondo is a military insider, others that Jeff Bauman is US Army amputee Nick Vogt. There are accusations of fake blood, phony injuries, prosthetic limbs and even fabricated identities. We’ll cover all the information of the amateur investigations into those involved.

Manhunt for the Bombers

We’ll also look at the martial law and atmosphere of terror that descended on Boston and the unexplained murder of Officer Collier in a strange connection to the assassination of JFK. The incredible Grand Theft Auto style kidnap and car chase that saw machine guns and grenades lighting up Watertown, Massachusetts. Finishing in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the arrest and charging of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
All setting us up for Part 2 where we go into the theories of the means, motive and opportunity. The who, why and how of a modern false flag event and we’ll also get Off The Fence.


  1. It’s a shame that there’s no links to all the referenced video clips in the podcast, and the YouTube channel is empty of content too 🙁


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