The Boston Bombings – Part 2

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the boston bombings
Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Baumann grandstanding for the cameras

The Boston Bombings (Part 2)

On this Podcast we look at the most visceral of recent domestic terror attacks in the U.S. Surrounded by horrific images of a merciless attack and the martial law that rolled out ahead of an unprecedented manhunt for the perpetrators. An event hot on the heels of the Sandy Hook school shootings and one that almost immediately in it’s aftermath gave rise to conspiracy theories. In the Boston Bombings (Part 2) we’ll cover the theories of a suspected false flag event and the possible signs dotted among the official narrative.

Crazy coincidences

We go through all the unbelievable and credibility stretching coincidences of the official story. The famous 9/11 witness at the site of the bomb. The inexplicable life of Carlos Arredondo and his personal photographer. The strange occurences captured in the video and photographic evidence. The science bending injuries. The weird testimony and suspicious connections of the Chechen Muslim Tsarnaev family, from the brothers to the heavily linked uncle Ruslan. Stories of the CIA, the NSA, the Boston Globe, the deceased principal from Sandy Hook Dawn Hochsprung. And even taking in names like ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle and Bradley Cooper.

The theories

Rounding out our discussion are the theories of who and why. From the imposition of the spectre of terror involving spotters on rooftops, sniffer dogs, press releases and news reports and even tweets of possible terror threats, the fire and suspected attack at the JFK library, the ensuing lockdown and curfew effects, and the painting of a picture of terrorism and guilt built by the media and law enforcement agencies. And the how of the piece, with emergency management personnel, Blackwater operatives, ‘hoodie’ teams, the ‘B’ squad, the blood packs and crisis actors we’ll cover every inch of the Boston Marathon Bombings from start to finish line.



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