The Illuminati

On this episode we buy into the world of intrigue and mystery surrounding the supposed spire of the global pyramid of conspiracy and control. The Illuminati are the very epitome of the modern theories of a shadowy cabal of elite's, tied together through centuries of covert machinations of the world's population. Born out of surprisingly real origins the rumors and accusations towards the Illuminati order have seen it become the poster child for the Satanic secret societies whose tangible manipulations of civilization are interwoven with stories of occult worship and ritualistic child abuse executed through insidious networks of sex offenders.

Baphoment Illuminati symbol

The Illuminati: Is there really a secret society?

On this Podcast we pull back the veil of illusion and intrigue as we go in search of the fabled Order of the Illuminati. The shadowy secret society said to be sitting atop the eye of the global pyramid of conspiracy. For over two centuries the rumors surrounding them have swirled. Today the very name has become synonymous with the theories of a group of elite’s tied together by ancient aristocratic bloodlines. The world’s of the international military industrial complex, the central banking cabals, clandestine secret societies, political corruption network and obscure religious orders all converge at their door. We’ll cover the changing perceptions, mounting accusations and the place of the Illuminati in the cultural zeitgeist of conspiracy.

In fact and fiction

As the Illuminati, both in name and concept, have entered the avenues of modern mass media the convoluted narratives surrounding the group have given rise to a supernatural status. But the tangible and terrifying truth of the order’s history are fit to rival any rumor. Born out of the Age of Enlightenment, that created the foundations for modern society, the Bavarian Illuminati have covert connections to ancient secret societies and modern royal families. At one time their order was so powerful and their influence so great it lead to their outlaw and supposed total destruction at the hands of fearful governments. We’ll discuss the history of the age and official record of the Illuminati and how they fit with the wide reaching rumors of today.

The ritual of abuse

The accounts of supposed insiders and investigators surrounding the Illuminati have created a mythical status for an order who are said to have supernatural belief systems. Theories suggest a secret Satanic doctrine in line with Freemasonry. Occult demon worship and the ritualistic ceremonies that accompany them. The iconography of other worldly control over the music, film and television industries. And at the sleazy base of this pyramid of evil and torture is the sadistic sexual abuse of children. Said to be a key part of this Satanic blood cult. Achieved through interconnected rings operating in plain sight across the many institutions of society. A network built on the kidnap, rape and murder of children facilitated and run through the halls of the powerful. We’ll talk about the Satanism and occult beliefs, the modern investigations into the British pedophile rings and the supposed existence of a Hollywood abuse network.

With Adam Weishaupt, Adolph Ludwig Knigge, Xavier Von Zwack, René Descartes, Voltaire, Francis Bacon, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, Jimmy Savile, Clement Freud, Leon Brittain, Geoffrey Dickens, Theresa May, The Owl of Minerva, Baphomet, The Illuminati’s Areopagus, the Saxe-Gotha lineage, the Prussian Rosicrucians, the Eye of Horus, the number of the Beast, the Sign of Voor, Skull & Bones, The Bloodlines of the Illuminati, the Taxil Hoax, Operation Yewtree and the sad suspicious story of The Two Corey’s


  1. Masons, a sick and twisted secret organization brought to you by the Protestant world-wide churches (not ever mentioned or endorsed by Christ or any of his apostles)…yep…the same folks that brought the world the 911 New York disaster and then blaming it on muslims, the Fake Black Leyend invented against the Spanish to blame them for murders The Protestant-mason-backed-Pirate-English committed everywhere they set foot…wiping-out via mass GENOCIDE every single Indigenous peoples and those “LUCKY” enough to survive are still visible today living in Native reserves (Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia), Scottish Rite Masons World Wide sexual abuse rings drugging of children (using chloral hydrate) to be raped, sodomized in their ultra secret meetings, also endeavoring all to be slaves to debt and slowly, just like hairloss, pushing all it’s demonic members in positions of Control to pass laws that destroy the Nuclear Family, promote demonic lifestyles like secularism, gayness, 1/2 and 1/2 i don’t know what gender i am? Promote abortions, no Lord’s Prayer in Schools, No mention of Christ ANYWHERE and so forth. Yup…Free Masons = SEVERE DANGER to ANY society where they exist!
    *With LOVE from Putugal where we may be very, very poor and be eating at the Sopas dos pobres EVERYDAY but we ain’t Brainwashed Protestant hater Zombies 🙂


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