The Legend of Atlantis

On this episode we scour the seabed for the signs of the long fabled lost continent of Atlantis. The mythical isle described by Plato as being home to a civilization descended from Gods whose incredible knowledge was unsurpassed by any other culture of man. But a terrible doom befell this once unrivaled utopia and it's secrets, and very existence, have been lost to history. While some believe the tales to be a baseless legend the searches for the location of the sunken cities continue today. And some even believe that the Legend of Atlantis holds a crucial place in the understanding of the true, and hidden, alternate history of all mankind and the godlike creatures who began civilization on Earth.

the legend of atlantis

The Legend of Atlantis

On this Podcast we go in search of the mythical isle that has intrigued society for over two millennia. The Legend of Atlantis has become one of the great tales of ancient human history. A story whose mysterious nature has seen it carried through every culture exposed to it’s storied fable of the Gods who made it’s island paradise their home. The tale of an unrivaled civilization with technological and supernatural wonders, and the cataclysmic doom that befell them and wiped them from the annals of history, has inspired countless works of writers, researchers and explorers. We’ll cover the mighty myth of Atlantis, the descriptions and depictions and the supposed other age of man lost beneath the ocean.

The search continues

It was legendary Athenian scholar Plato who brought the Legend of Atlantis to the modern world. From his writings, thousands of years old, the fevered search for the iconic treasures of this lost land have derived. Century after century the debate over the allegorical nature of the Platonic account have not stifled the adventurers, anthropologists and archaeologists who seek to find the sunken cities of Poseidon and Atlas and raise to the surface the secrets of the Atlanteans. Theories and interpretations of the location of Atlantis and the accounts of it’s grandeur have not slowed in our modern age and the advancements in technology have seen new dedicated expeditions spring up in the last two decades. We’ll discuss the current and historical searches for Atlantis and the thinking of the world’s of science, history and philosophy on the works of Plato and the explorers that followed his account.

Lemuria and the lost history of Earth

There are some that believe the story of Atlantis to be part of a larger narrative. One of supernatural, or even extra terrestrial origin. The tales of Lemuria and the Naacals, of Thoth and his Emerald Tablets, of the Mystery Schools of Egypt that held this sacred ancient knowledge and furnished it to Athens where the works of Plato revealed it to the world. An alternate history of mankind that returns to the theories of ancient alien forefathers, Gods from the heavens who walked among us. Through the world’s para-science and psychic mediumship these theories have only continued and deepened. It’s said the Legend of Atlantis is the broken link in the chain of the true nature of human reality hidden from modern society. We’ll talk about the alternate history of the genesis of mankind and the place the Legend of Atlantis has in this crossroads of supernatural and extra dimensional.

With Solon, Socrates, Critias, Ignatious Donnelly, Helena Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Christopher Columbus, John Dee, Andrew Collins, Ulf Erlingsson, Graham Hancock,  Alan Alford the Pillars of Heracles, the Doom of ancient Thera, the Legend of Troy, Doñana National Park, the Bimini roads, the Giza plateau, the Hall or Records, the Sainte calendar, the Maldek, the layline power network, the Hebrews, the Desert sand-glass, the power of the Merkebah and the Legend of Xena Warrior Princess and her little friend



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