The Siege at Ruby Ridge

Randy Weaver in front of his house at Ruby Ridge

On this episode we talk about a lesser known domestic terrorist incident involving the full might of the FBI coming down on a small cabin in the wilderness in Idaho; the Weaver family were ensnared in their mountain cabin in the summer of 1992 in what has become known as The Siege at Ruby Ridge.

Pegged as a white supremacist, Randy Weaver moved his family up into the wilderness of Idaho and decided to live a simpler life. His wife Vicky and son Sammy were killed in a shootout with the FBI after an undercover investigation into his involvement with a local white supremacist Neo nazi group resulted in Weaver selling a sawn off shotgun to an agent in disguise.

More than 400 agents set up base camp outside his humble home and snipers took shots at him and his family. Hostage negotiators were deployed to diffuse the situation but criticism came in hard for the FBI and their heavy handed tactics. We discuss what happened that day and the political implications it had; the presidents for incidents like Waco and Oklahoma City and the current presence of similar bad actors in the US today.


  1. The FBI leadership is a lawless band of Leftist activists, promoting the overthrow of the legitimate constitutional US government. They seek power and world government, with themselves and their pedophile buddies at the head of power and evil, possibly Luciferian. I am not a big believer in invisible playmates, but with the death or more likely the escape while alive, of Jeffery Epstein from the federal prison in NYC..the jig is up. Evil has the upper hand in this world.

    Either accept it or fight it as if the demons of your own personal hell are snapping at your Achilles like a three-headed dog of war. I mean it. We are already facing the
    early Civil War II, in obvious ways. Fags are trying to declare pedophilia as another gender orientation with legal protection for the perps. Shrinks are backing them with their acceptance of it as normal in their big, crazy diagnosis book. It is part of the curriculum taught by union teachers to young children in California public schools.

    This rot cannot stand. Period. I support the President and the protection of children to my last breath. That is my action guide as the battle continues to roll out. I live in BF Missouri at a rural crossroads ghost town in an small century old house, raising ring necked pheasants and selling chicken eggs to my neighbors. I used to be a consultant in private industry that travelled the world. This is where I will make my stand. If God exists, I pray I live long enough to waste a pedophile or two.

    I like your this website, having just found it this morning. FYI, ring necked pheasants don’t exists in the wild here and it is illegal to release them. I have 143 birds in a big flight pen, with 1000 acres of wild woods, hay fields and lake surrounding me. What would you do?


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