Where is Julian Assange?


Where is Julian Assange?

Since the end of October and the deluge of leaks from Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, people out in the conspiracy inter webs seem to be leaning toward believing that Julian Assange has been bumped off. He has appeared on reputable news sources like Russia Today and there have been statements made by his representatives but, as we can see in the video above, you shouldn’t believe all you see, probably!

Assange and the Wikileaks organisation has been reported to have been compromised, with Twitter accounts being hacked and ‘dead mans switches’ and security hashes being released to the public in an entirely mysterious fashion. There is room for speculation, and the behaviour is indeed suspicious, but we have to ask; if he isn’t dead: Where the fuck is he and why is he not talking in public?

The Embassy

assange-police-tweetWith the Pamela Anderson visit and the tweets by Wikileaks of ‘heavily armed police’ outside the embassy, panic set in for Julian Assange safety and the integrity of the Embassy where he is holed up away from persecution. On the 21st October phones were unable to send Snapchats and Periscopes from the area around the Embassy and tweets were deleted around this time as well. People jumped on this suspicious activity and wondered why this was happening and how coincidental it was that this ‘extraction operation’ happened very close to the Podesta email leaks. The internet connection that Assange previously had access to courtesy of the Equatorial embassy was cut off just before this date. The connection was cut off allegedly at the behest of Senator John Kerry after the release of the information of payment by Goldman Sachs to Hillary Clinton. So, lots of shady stuff going on here and lots of doubt and fear to Julians safety, especially with tweets being leaked written by Hillary Clinton saying “Can’t we just drone this guy?”. Since the election has been decided why has the internet connection not been reinstated? He is appearing at a live event, by video or at least voice, hosted by The Free Connected Minds Conference in the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, and being interviewed by news anchor Youmna Naufal according to her tweet yesterday. So hopefully we will get a glimpse of Julian, alive and well, and get some opinions on recent events so we can be sure its not a cleverly hashed together set of audio clips to make it sound like he’s on the line!


One of the things people are dying to hear him comment on is the paedophile ring accusations that were uncovered as part of the Podesta email leak from around the time of the elections. The information in these email cast dark aspersions on the Democratic Party and especially Hillary Clinton. There were personal mails sent and, to be fair, a good bit of the sensational accusations were inferred; but there were some nuggets of info like keeping information from the voters with backroom deals and receiving money for speaking engagements, and a spooky and hardly believable satanic rituals called spirit cooking where Podesta was directly implicated and child sex rituals are alleged.

These all pale in comparison to the most recent revelations from the emails which alleges a secret code used by these people in power, to communicate with one another about a child sex ring they are all part of, known now as Pizzagate. With ‘Fake News’ being a hot topic on the likes of CNN and other mainstream news sources at the moment and Facebook and Google burying links to these articles, and even ‘the front page of the internet’ Reddit has banned the r/pizzagate subreddit; you couldn’t but help wonder why this is being so vehemently covered up right?

The ping pong paddles in the menu vaguely resemble the ‘butterfly’ symbol widely used by paedophiles to mean ‘child lover’

Apparently Comet Ping Pong pizzaria in Washington is at the centre of this scandal with ingredients of pizza being used as code words for certain sexual acts and preferences, and vague symbolism being lumped upon the restaurant as the sure fire proof they are involved (see image). Owner James Alefantis has been the subject of serious condemnation online and his links to John Podesta, his brother Tony Podesta, Anthony Weiner, and convicted child molester Denny Hastert; even going so far as to implicate Weiner and the Podestas in the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

This can all be ignored as circumstantial and put under the blanket heading of fake news, as it doesn’t have any real merit and only circumstantial and symbolic significance. There is no evidence connecting these men together and it is being poo-pooed by the mainstream media, but concerned citizen journalists are set to crack the case of the century, even if they ruin the integrity of internet journalism in the process.

Some of this info can’t be denied however circumstantial and far reaching; like the art John Podesta has in his home (pictured below) This information is only being reported by ‘alternative news sources’ and cannot be confirmed truthful, but in emails leaked by Wikileaks, Clinton administration official Sally Katzen where she questions his taste in art and described an awkwardness in his home. The Serbian artist Biljana Djurdjevic is renowned for these provocative type of images depicting children, but it seems unfortunately coincidental to have these pieces in the home of a man at the centre of a paedophile scandal, don’t you think? Check out more of the pictures here and make up your own mind.

Art found in Tony Podesta's home depicting children in compromising positions by Serbian artist Biljana Djurdjevic
Art found in Tony Podesta’s home depicting children in compromising positions by Serbian artist Biljana Djurdjevic

Fake News

John and Tony Podesta eerily match the photo fit description of the abductees of Madeleine McCann in 2007
John and Tony Podesta eerily match the photo fit description of the abductees of Madeleine McCann in 2007Fake News

Understandably this scandal is being suppressed by the mainstream media and possibly for good reason. These accusations are all spurious and speculatory at best, and at worst can ruin the lives of many politicians and businessmen. But from what we learned about the way paedophiles operate at the highest levels of government from the Jimmy Savile case and how the rent boys and abducted child rape victims were held in apartments very close to the English seat of government in Westminster in the 70s and 80s, can we not even dare to think this Pizzagate accusation may have elements of truth to it?

There are definitely some serious implications with this going forward; including freedom of speech and journalism laws being closely examined, internet laws being passed in the UK to monitor people’s activity, and a suppression of information claiming it is fake news. Where do we go from here? We will have to wait and see, but don’t wait too long this shit is sure to disappear as soon as people stop digging around. It too them years to uncover only tony amounts of what Jimmy Savile’s death revealed. This can’t continue, so search for yourself.


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