Irish Mythology

On this Blab we cover the legends and folklore of the mysterious world of Irish Mythology. With some very special guests from Dublin City University we look at it's genesis from ancient tribal Ireland and the Pagan Druids who dominated society then to the modern myths of faeries and spirits that still exist in superstition today. With names recognizable all over the world we delve into the realm of Faeries, Leprechauns and the Banshee as we recount the great fables of the Celtic Age of Heroes and the characters and entities who populate it and seek out the surprising connections to other mysterious histories form around the globe.


Irish Mythology

On this Blab we delve into the mysterious and muddy world of Irish Mythology. It’s a topic close to our hearts, and even closer to our feet. The mythical history of Ireland has been interwoven with the modern Irish identity through the age old tradition of storytelling and the iconic Iron Age structures that dot the green and fertile landscape. From the stories learned as schoolchildren to the real life archaeological discoveries and historical record we’ll cover the world of ancient Ireland. And with some special guests from Dublin City University in tow we’ll learn about their forays into the tangled web of tales that make up the mass of mythological folklore. And we’ll learn about their project that looks that add an intriguing narrative to the collected stories that have permeated modern legend around the world.

Faeries, Druids and the lost Ireland

Akey cornerstone of the history of Celtic Mythology are the Druids. A societal elite of ancient Ireland they were an order of scholars and philosophers steeped in the ritual and beliefs of Paganism. And like other Pagan belief systems the ritual, oral traditions, science and supernatural study were lost through the aggressive arrival of Christianity. But the tales and superstitions of folklore still remain in modern Irish society. Stories of faeries, Leprechauns, the Banshee and and great numbers of witches, spirits and monsters. Paranormal entities from another realm of existence whose mischievous, malevolent and mercurial interactions with the people of Ireland have continued from the ancient Age of Heroes to today. With help from our guests we’ll cover the different types of faeries and their forces and the characters who make up the legendary heroes of Celtic folklore.

The Irish Anunnaki

While the tales of Fionn mac Cumhaill and Cú Chulainn draw comparisons to other great historical heroes from global legend the strongest connection to the other ancient histories from around the world come from the oldest of tales of Irish Mythology. Before even the coming of the Celts to Ireland the ancient legends tell of a race called the Tuatha Dé Danann. This race of God men were said to have arrived from the heavens and brought advanced knowledge and technology. They created the disappearing island of Tír Na nÓg and it’s mechanical marvels and supernatural wonders. This race bears striking similarities with the genesis tales of the Anunnaki recorded in ancient Sumer, Babylon and Mesopotamia. And the Megalithic structures that accompany these legends only deepen the connections with other mysterious sites and stories. We’ll talk about all the variations and correlations between Irish Mythology and the great mysteries of ancient history.

With the God Lugh, Setanta, Finnegus and the Salmon of Knowledge, Oisín and Níamh, Queen Maebh of Connacht Dagda the Druid, King Lír, St. Patrick, Archbishop Palladius The Fianna, the Melisians, Changlings, Gruagach, Each Uisce, Clurichauns, Púcas, Dullahan, the Iron Mountain, the Hill of Tara, Ring Cairns, Fairy Mounds, Newgrange, Stonehenge, the Tribes of Anu and from our guests the fictional world of An Roinn Anaithnid, Ireland’s very own Men in Black


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