Peak Oil

On this episode we cover the Peak Oil. The seemingly inevitable point at which we hit the maximum production of fossil fuels and meet a catastrophic decline in production. A decline that will rapidly fall behind the consumption needs of an ever growing population and technological civilization. The ramifications, as with the use of fossil fuels, will have an impact on just about every facet of modern human life. We'll look at the scientific evidence of the Peak Oil movement and the incredible conspiracy theories that seek to turn the alarm on it's head.


Peak Oil

On this Podcast we burn the midnight oil on a journey to the point of Peak Oil. A hypothetical and yet seemingly inevitable point at which the global production of fossil fuel hits it’s maximum and enters a period of rapid decline ending in complete exhaustion. Leading to a situation where Earth’s booming population growth is faced with the loss of the energy source that has been THE driving factor behind the industrial revolution and technological advancements of modern society. The predictions for life after Peak Oil speak of a world where demand for fuel shall have unprecedented ramifications on economies and resources and see an end to the world we now know. We’ll cover the science and theory of the Peak Oil debate and what it means for our way of life and future generations.

Peak Oil
This is Peak Oil Marion

Standard Rockefeller and the birth of Big Oil

From it’s first discovery and usage to the age of mass production and multiple refinement the takeover of oil as our fuel of choice has been a contentious one. It’s noxious presence has been both a causing factor of countless conflicts throughout the world and the fuel on which the war machine is powered. But it’s as a economic commodity that oil has seen it’s place emerge as a cornerstone of the conspiracy world. The tales of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil scandals to the Texas Oil men and the connections that go all the way to the top of governments. We’ll talk about the shocking history of Rockefeller and the other Oil Barons whose stranglehold on society was petroleum lubricated.

Renewable Conspiracies

It’s to the world of life after Peak Oil that global civilization must now look. The technologies of renewable energy sources and replacements for fossil fuels are key to the future of mankind. But history has shown examples of hidden hands guiding the progress of electric vehicles, clean energies and green technologies. Hidden hands that have connections all the way back to the fossil fuel industries and Oil lobbyists that hold power in governments the world over. Some theorize that these powers that be have hidden the truth about Peak Oil, or are in possession of the technology to replace it. Some even believe that Oil is not what it seems and is a renewable and simply replicated perfect energy source. We’ll discuss all the theories behind Oil and the alternatives and the conspiracies that surround them.

With Marion Hubbert, Herodotus, James Young, Karl Benz, Henry Ford, Colonel Drake, Torkild Rieber, Elon Musk, Rothscild, Nobel, Samuel, Saudi Aramco, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, Texaco Chevron,  hydrocarbons, Abiotic Petroleum, Hydro Power, Wind turbines, Geo-thermals, Biofuels, Photo voltaic cells, Cold Fusion, Hydrogen Fuel cells, Hydroponics, Zero Point Energy, the Fischer-Tropsch process, the Anti Saloon League, National City Bus Lines, Tesla Motors, the Powerwall, EROEI, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Angola, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, anti-trust, the real Prohibition, Who Killed The Electric Car, the Doughnut of Life and playing Angry Birds while driving


  1. You know in some hospitals (at least in Australia), reports of raud traumas are quite literally written as;
    man v car
    man v tram
    car v wall

    I thought someone was taking the piss the first time I read that

  2. Best newscast on the planet … especially in the 4th hour … Mexican sombrero workers /Taco hats/American puritans with belt buckle hats , Irish criminals exported to Australia … funniest people in the world … best accent imitations on the planet with no concern for offending anyone ! I love it.


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