The Montauk Project

On this Blab we cover the supposed secret military and private enterprise joint operation known as the Montauk Project. A rumored cluster of experiments conducted out of the Montauk Air Base and Camp Hero State park in New York. The tales of Montauk bring together a litany of other conspiracy theories. With elements of Mind Control and kidnapping from MK Ultra. Time Travel from the Philadelphia Experiment. Deep Underground Military Bases. Alien agenda intervention. And even Illuminati ownership. We cover all the testimony and accusations that make up this Sci-Fi horror story.


The Montauk Project

On this Blab we cover the progeny of our Philadelphia Experiment episode and another rumored military foray into the kind of cutting edge research that has all the hallmarks of science fiction story telling. The Montauk Project was said to be a collection of black budget US military experiments coupled with private enterprise of elite technology and scientific institutions. It purports to be a culmination of the mind control, time travel and alien agenda conspiracy theories that punctuate post World War 2 American society. The Camp Hero state park in Montauk, New York is the ground zero for the alleged operations and the remains of the Montauk Air Base are said to house the remnants of the shocking experiments said to be carried out. It may even house a Deep Underground Military Base with Extra Terrestrial tenants. We talk about the genesis of the Montauk Project conspiracy and the technology and resources at play.

Super soldiers in space and time

The rumored experiments talk about the kidnapping and abduction of children for use in many of the projects surrounding mind control. The techniques of torture and psyche fracturing we discussed in our MK Ultra episode were said to create a group of Montauk Boys. This group akin to Super Soldiers embued with other worldly abilities who would carry out Manchurian Candidate missions form the position of sleeper agents. Missions that would carry them through space and time to quite literally reshape the history of humanity. This feat was achieved with another technology developed at Montauk. A chair that could allow the user untold psychic power. A seemingly science fiction prop that could bend space and time, enslave the human mind and even creature tangible monsters of the subconscious. We’ll cover all the rumored facets of the Montauk project and the heavily conspiracy connected claims.

Whistleblowers or false witnesses

A conspiracy like the Montauk Project, with time travel capabilities and supposed connections to an Illuminati or Majestic 12 elite group, relies heavily on the testimony of the numerous whistleblowers who purport to be both participants and victims of the program. Preston Nichols, show favorite Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Andy Pero and Stewart Swerdlow are all names now synonymous with the theory. And through their accounts the factors involved and the larger story of the Montauk Project is brought into societal focus. Through years of books, interviews and lectures these accounts have have fallen under scrutiny, investigation and ridicule but remain the base evidence of what seems an otherwise uncover-able continuation of horrific human experiments. But with the ability for mass human brainwashing and psychic control and memory creation could this testimony ever be trusted? We’ll talk about all the accounts and the players involved before we open it out to the audience and we get Off The Fence.

With Rob Van Dam, General Andrew Hero Jr, Peter Moon, James Darling, Miles Martin, Christopher Garetano, Alexandra Bruce, Enrico Chekov, John Von Neumann, Cathy O’Brien, the Love Now Movement, Operation Southern Cross, the Phoenix Project, Operation Anti-Christ, Project Blue Beam, the Montauk Chair, the Ziggurat, the Jersey Devil, the Men In Black, Sage Radar, Brookehaven National Laboratories, Tesla waves, The Men Who Stare At Goats and the Oriental Illuminati


  1. Camp Hero definitely has a strange vibe about it, We’ve been shooting there all summer for our upcoming feature length movie INCIDENT AT MONTAUK. According to the new signage, they now have video surveillance by the ‘off limits’ radar area and there is a lot of electromagnetic interference which has effected some of our sound.


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