Simulation Theory

On this episode we enter the prison of artificial reality as we consider the hypothesis of Simulation Theory. The thought experiment that everyday generates more debate both among the scientific community and wider public exposed to the notion that we are all now, or may be someday soon, inside the Matrix. With consideration from the fields of biological research and quantum physics the scientific evidence adds powerful credence to the theory, but it's in the ancient philosophy and modern conjecture that this idea takes hold.


The Simulation theory hypothesis

On this Podcast we seek to tear open the veil of space and time and peer into the code hidden within. Simulation Theory poses the idea we all live in a simulated universe, and perhaps we may even be simulations ourselves. This science fiction story line is not as hypothetical as it first seems. Some of the brightest minds of our time are the main proponents behind this unusual idea and the debate surrounding the theory grows daily. With many disciplines of science and a wealth of human philosophy combining to create a persuasive conundrum that would seek to question all reality and the bounds of consciousness. We’ll cover the intriguing premise of the main hypothesis and the unfolding of the simulation theory debate.

Simulation Theory
Life inside the illusion

The Code inherent

The hard evidence presented by those who espouse Simulation theory point to numerous discoveries, breakthroughs and known unknowns over varied scientific disciplines. The work of physicists in the fields of String Theory and Quantum Mechanics are referenced. As are the noted thought experiments of Erwin Schrödinger and Thomas Young. But outside the theoretical the notion we exist inside a Matrix style artificial construct brings with it the questions of natural evidence. And here citations of James Gates and the Fibonacci sequence speak of mathematical, geometric and even programming code inherent in the nature of reality. We’ll talk about all the biological and physical evidence and the cutting edge science of artificial intelligence and virtual reality that underpin the Simulation Theory.

The Philosophical account

Since the dawning of sentience human kind has created philosophical record of the questioning of the reality in which we exist and the perception of consciousness. Ancient accounts of a collective consideration of the true experience of existence are dotted throughout history. From Buddhist and Hindu texts to the thought provoking debate of Plato as a race it seems we have always felt ill at ease with our perception of reality. But with the unstoppable modern movement for research and development into mind expanding technologies the philosophical questions move into the arena of predicting the hypothetical consciousness singularity moment and the very real danger we have already passed the threshold into an artificial world. We’ll discuss the sublime to the absurd across all the theory and philosophy.

With Nick Bostrum and his Trilemma, Heisenberg, Einstein, Alan Aspeck, John Bell, Niels Bohr, Ray Kurzweil, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michio Kaku, Leonardo Da Pisa, Descartes, David Silver, The Upanishads, Quantum Entanglement, Idealism vs Materialism, the P Zombie, St. James Gate, the Fermi Paradox, non-locality, the Double Slit Experiment, The Game of Life, Google X, the Holographic Principle, the Star Trek Hollow Deck conundrum and Erwin’s poor cat in the box

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  3. Glad to come across your website and article! Great info. Currently I’m composing a scientific paper on the Simulation Hypothesis from a different angle. I wanted your thoughts on the theory that nested simulations exist. Meaning simulated realities inside simulated realities. Specifically, what are the chances when we die and transcend into the afterlife; that it too is just another simulation?


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