The Mandela Effect

On this live show we discuss the Mandela Effect. It's the name given to the phenomena of believing that certain facts or events from your remembered experience of life have changed. Be it a name, person or place, a movie, song or logo. Have you ever been certain you had experienced something, only to find out it never happened? That no proof of your memory exists, and never has. The Mandela Effect, named after legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela, seeks to explain this as the signs that we have crossed into a parallel universe, and perhaps time travel has irrevocably altered our world.


The Mandela Effect

In this live show we discuss the Mandela Effect. This modern phenomenon seeks to explain the curious circumstance of being completely convinced about a fact or event in history, only to find no evidence of it’s existence anywhere. The name derives from legendary South African leader Nelson Mandela. Whose death and very public funeral are remembered vividly by many as happening decades before he actually passed away. Since the name Mandela Effect was coined in 2010 it’s discussion has grown in prominence online, with purported evidence and theories seeking to explain the phenomena. We’ll talk about the history and genesis of the Mandela Effect and the ideas behind the theories.

Evidence of Revision

The many people who believe they have experienced a Mandela Effect moment have amassed a trove of information and evidence online. From the dark recesses of Reddit people have posited numerous lines and titles from famous films throughout history. Like the funeral of Nelson Mandela many other celebrity deaths have made their way onto Mandela effect lists. There are logos and products that many don’t recognize. Names, places and whole countries that have changed. And even the colour of Hitler’s eyes and C-3PO’s leg are up for debate. We’ll cover all the confusing and compelling evidence that makes up the Mandela Effect theory.

The Science of many worlds

It’s in the arena of seeking to explain the strange occurrences and memories that appear to have been wiped from history that the Mandela Effect springs into familiar conspiracy theories. Some believe the inexplicable revisions of history point to the butterfly effect of time travel. And that perhaps a time traveler has altered our timeline like a careless Marty McFly. Others believe the cutting edge physics of string theory and quantum mechanics hold the key. With the research into parallel universes at CERN under hot suspicion as a very real reason. And some believe in a much less convoluted and simplistic answer. Confirmation bias, confabulation, poor memory and our brains natural proclivity for taking shortcuts are the rational reality of a mundane phenomenon. We’ll discuss all the wild theories and hard evidence presented through the high science of quantum physics.

With Fiona Broome, the Berenstain Bears, Morgan Freeman, Winnie Mandela, Madiba, Terry Pratchet, David Soul, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Palance, Philip K. Dick, Henry Ford, Barbra Streisand, Henry VIII, George W. Bush, Anne Rice, Snow White, Tom Hanks, James Earl Jones, John Ellis, Hugh Everett, Tienamen Square, the Karate Kid, the Lindburgh baby, Curios George, Sex and the City, the Large Hadron Collider, Bubble Theory, Dimension Jumping, the Man fro Taured, a whole mess of Jippy Peanut Lube and whatever the hell chartreuse is

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