Paul McCartney is Dead

On this episode we cover the theory that Paul McCartney, the legendary musician and songwriter, died in a horrific car accident in late 1966. Leading the three remaining Beatles to integrate an impostor as his his replacement and continuing their illustrious career with no more than a look-a-like. The theory has held doggedly steadfast for nearly 50 years and proponents have pointed to a litany of supposed clues dotted throughout the music, lyrics, artwork and interviews of the Fab Four. With decades of photographic evidence also cited as the catalyst for the modern continuation of the Paul Is Dead rumor.


Paul McCartney is Dead

On this Podcast we break out the Beatles records as we cover the theory that musical icon Paul McCartney is dead. A rumor that in 1966 the southpaw songwriter was killed in a tragic car accident and that somehow he was secretly replaced with an impostor. One who continued in his position in the biggest band in history and is still playing the part of Paul McCartney today. The ex-Beatle now stands as a billionaire music mogul with a tumultuous personal life. But the rumors of his untimely demise have continued to haunt his legacy for nearly 50 years. We’ll talk about the life and times of Paul McCartney and the turns that fit the narrative of the Paul is Dead theory.

The Secret in the Songs

Perhaps the most persuasive evidence presented by the theory are the incredible
amounts of references said to be hiding in the music. As the rumors spread from the streets of late 60’s abbey-road-coverLondon to the college campuses of America a narrative emerged. Proponents pointed to song lyrics that referenced the terrible secret. The new fascination of backwards messages in records also added some strange significance. And the unusual artwork of the Beatles was the crescendo of what seems a shocking affirmation. The masses of photographic and video comparisons of an old and young Paul McCartney have only added to the twisting theory. We’ll cover all the supposed signs in the long history of Macca’s career. And follow the official and theoretical life of the Wings frontman and Kanye West collaborator.

The CIA, MI6 and the Tavistock Institute

During the decades that have passed the conspiracy theory has grown. Passing the points of the assassination of John Lennon and the long held rumors of CIA involvement in the music scene of the 1960’s it has become only a small part of a larger narrative. A story of mass global mind control perfected with the instrumental help of Beatlemania and the impostor within the group. The theory has even gone so far as to make connections between MK Ultra, British Intelligence and the Rockefeller created Tavistock Institute. Some point a finger at the mysterious Eastman family of Linda McCartney. Others say ex-wife Heather Mills holds the terrible truth. And some even finger the Illuminati as masterminds of this great rock and roll swindle. We discuss the wild theories and suspicious connections that make up the playlist of the Paul is Dead rumor.

With Faul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Willy Campbell, F. Lee Bailey, Fred Labour, Russell Gibb, Roby Yonge, Jane Asher, Aleister Crowley, George Epstein, Leopold Epstein, John Eastman, Allen Klein, Buddy Holly, Bettina Krischbin, John Halliday, Sterling-Lindner of Cleveland, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, The Last Testament of George Harrison, The Aquarian Conspiracy and Ringo. Ringo was there too.


  1. No less than Ringo Starr just poured a whole bunch of gasoline onto this theory, by effectively saying the whole thing was true, and he felt compelled to speak now because he was afraid the secret would follow him to the grave. McCartney’s response was (IMO) suprisingly vicious, actually, accusing Starr of dementia and publicity-seeking.

    I find it pretty hard to buy into this conspiracy theory, but you have to wonder what motivated Starr to confirm it after all these years. Either he actually does believe it (which still doesn’t necessarily make it true, by the way), or, perhaps more likely, he really is looking for press and thinks keeping this issue “live” will add to the mystique/legend of the Beatles after he and McCartney are gone.

  2. . . .or option three. . .the Ringo Starr story itself is a hoax. . .and yes, that appears to be the case! Ringo never said it, McCartney didn’t respond, and I’ve fallen for another bit of internet “fake news”. . though only for a few minutes.

  3. You forget also the last testament of George Harrison I listened/ watched this long story it’s so elaborate it’s hard not to believe. I ask why would they go through all of this? What’s the end result for them? A lark?

  4. Paul McCartney was definitely replaced. It is not a myth or urban legend. This is a slogan to dumb people down. The Paul McCartney after 1966 is a different man. He looks and sounds very similar to the original Paul — but, he is not the same man. The proof? The ears are different, and after 1966, he usually wears his hair or sideburns covering his earlobes. His ears stick out less. After 1966, there are photos of Paul with green or blue eyes at times. Original Paul had dark eyes. New Paul’s face is longer and thinner, and his shoulders are broader. The Beatles stopped touring because it would be more difficult to hide the differences in a concert. The personalities and the presence of both men are different. After years of studying videos, photos, and podcasts, also reading books on the subject — I just don’t understand how people can’t accept that these are two different men. Watch “Sage of Quay” videos and podcasts.


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