Sexy Jesus just waiting for 1130
Sexy Jesus just waiting for 1130

Jesus H. Christ

On this special edition Christmas Podcast we look at the one and only Son of God: Jesus Christ, prophet and prodigy, Messiah and minister. He founded a religion that has both aggressively and benevolently reached out to every corner of the planet. A religion that has remained the center of conflict and controversy for two millennia. A man whose miracles and messages echo today throughout modern culture. And whose¬†sock-less sandals, sculpted six-pack and hippy hair combo are synonymous with the iconography of Christianity. But it’s the similarities with other deities and prophets like Horus, Krishna, Hercules, Muhammad and the connections of Christ to celestial movements, solar processions and ancient traditions laid out by the movie Zeitgeist that seems to break down the doors of Christianity.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

From his birth in Bethlehem and life in Nazareth all the way up to his crucifixion and resurrection, the story of Christ, through nativity and new testament is perhaps the most well known narrative in the world. We talk about the historical record and religious chronicling of texts like the Bible, Torah, Quran, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic Gospels, and the reference points that paint a picture of the Savior of all mankind. We also look at the numerous relics of Christ: the true cross, the Turin shroud and even the Holy Grail that trade as part of a Messianic memento market. And the scientific, archaeological and anthropological factors that purport to give concrete credence to the existence of Jesus.

The Ministry of Christianity

We cover his baptism and conversion by John the Baptist. Which led to the Ministry founded and grown through his travelling with twelve Apostles and performing miracles of turning water into wine, healing the sick, walking on water and resurrecting the dead. His death at the hands of Pontius Pilate and the Roman Empire. After his death where the Church of Christianity grew and changed wildly with ecumenical debate and reform changing the message and records of Jesus. We’ll cover Judas, Joseph, Mary, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Peter, Paul, King Herod, Constantine the Great, Mary Magdalene, Doubting Thomas, prophecy fulfilling donkeys and holy foreskins.

And we finish with a happy birthday from Those Conspiracy Guys to the one and only, Jesus “Lamb of God” Christ.



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