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John Titor
John Titor

John Titor
John Titor’s time machine

John Titor: Time Traveler

On this Podcast we cover an internet sensation, whose flurry of posts talking about time travelling military missions, future predictions and the format of the universe, sparked a debate on their veracity which still continues today. John Titor: time traveller, soldier, hero, herald. He proclaimed himself a visitor from an alternate universe in the year 2036. Bringing with him tales of a not too distant future where man has harnessed the technology for time travel, but is recovering from the ravages and nuclear fallout of a World War 3, a new global order, and biological emergencies that threaten the very existence of mankind.

The time machine

Sharing pictures of his time machine, the vehicles which housed it, and it’s operations manual, Titor quickly gathered notoriety on a number of internet forums and his readiness to answer any question on both the science and philosophy of time travel drew equally suspicious, and awestruck followers, until his sudden disappearance in 2001 to go ‘back to the future’. His claims were fervently checked and the ensuing investigations into his existence and authenticity have continued ever since. Spawning numerous mentions of inspiration across, movies, television, graphic novels and books we’ll look at what drives our fascination with the idea of time travel. And why the purported evidence of John Titor have made his legacy such a lasting one.

Y2K and the end of the world

John Titor made many predictions of our future, from a parallel universe only fractionally different to our own, that over time have cemented his place above the claims of countless other self styled chrononauts.¬†Prophecies of massive world war that leaves many parts of the world, especially the continental US, in absolute ruins. He spoke of scientific breakthroughs yet to happen, including the advent of time travel of course. The social unrest that followed this world war and the new order of a broken global society. We talk about his terrifying predictions, the warnings he made to the generation of today and the incredible predictions he made. some of which have unbelievably come true, and others that haven’t. Yet.



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