Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

The genius of Nikola Tesla

On this Podcast we take a walk with the Master of Lightning. The maker of an earthquake machine. A 19th century electric car. Even a much desired death ray. A man that was perhaps the greatest scientific mind in history. From his humble beginnings in Croatia to his pinnacle as the most sought after inventor of his day, Nikola Tesla has had a legacy that permeates the scientific community and has inspired countless pioneers like Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk. However his legacy still flows under the radar of mainstream science and some of his most ambitious ideas lay forgotten. His greatest dream, of an unlimited free energy field, accessible anywhere in the world, is still the goal for many true inventors.

A man apart

Nikola Tesla removed himself from his early calling as a priest and dedicated his life to science. Going into the wild forests of Croatia he immersed himself in a mind which he said, could just effortlessly see the workings of the world around him, and perhaps even further afield. From invention to invention, job to job and dream to dream he moved through Europe and to America as his ambitions for science, technology and the advancement of man took over his every thought and desire. We’ll discuss the man himself and his mercurial method and love for constant innovation that confounded his peers and cements his place as a truly unique enigma.

The hidden history

It was his apathy towards money and control that put him at odds with the powers of his day. His largest backer J.P. Morgan was aghast to see Tesla lose the race for radio to Marconi. Only to then see him deliver the Wardenclyffe Tower, a bastion of free energy at odds with his own empire. But it was his rivalry with Thomas Edison that has been considered to be re-written and mis-sold by history. A pioneer of cheap, clean energy against a man implementing the strangle hold of an inefficient fossil fuel infrastructure. A consummate showmen beloved by Mark Twain versus a paranoid power monger with a penchant for animal cruelty. We’ll cover all these stories and more as we gasp at the flourescent brilliance of Nikola Tesla.



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