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Sandy Hook School Shooting

The Sandy Hook School Shootingadam lanza

On this Podcast we look at the Sandy Hook School shooting. A horrific event involving an elementary school massacre which claimed the lives of 26 people, 20 of them small children. The harrowing shootings scarred the New Haven area of Connecticut in December 2012. But the incredible media coverage, public and political outrage and the uniquely abhorrent nature of the attacks went on to shock the world. This is possibly one reason when it comes to incidents like these that people feel like it is in the best interest of the public to know what’s going on. By investing in devices like a police scanner and choosing to learn more, it may help put people’s mind at ease when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the community and hearing accurate information.

The outcome is to ignite the gun control debate that so often explodes after mass shooting events. But in the wake of Sandy Hook, this debate reached a new point of fevered animosity. The official story of the event tells the tale of an anonymous loner with serious mental health issues and a dysfunctional family well versed in firearms usage, but not safety. This troubled young man, incredibly heavily armed and spectacularly highly skilled with weapons, went on to commit one of the greatest atrocities in modern US history. We talk about the official narrative of events and the perception and political aftermath.

Crisis actors and the failures of law enforcement

The prominent theories to have emerged surrounding a Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy talk of a “False Flag” operation. A semi-staged or wholly fabricated event orchestrated and executed by a clandestine agency within the government using ties in law enforcement, intelligence agencies, medical institutions and judiciary oversight. Fingers have pointed at the strange behavior and procedural failures of the police, medical examiners and the ensuing investigations. Suggesting a cover-up on the hands of the authorities. Further accusations have labelled witnesses and even the grieving parents and family members of victims as “Crisis Actors”. Facilitating the charade with fabricated grief and confusing testimony. Complicit in selling the veracity of the official narrative through manipulated media coverage. We’ll look at all the evidence and allegations concerning the inconsistencies of the investigations and the suspect accounts of the rumored actors involved.

The Sandy Hoax theories

As with numerous other suspected False Flag operations the official version of events are peppered with implausible and sometimes impossible facts. The radio chatter of other suspects never explained. The bio-hazard cleanup that never happened. The autopsies performed at the scene of the crime. The lack of CCTV footage. The strange and seemingly staged immediate press conference. And all the major issues surrounding the gunman Adam Lanza and his technical ability and physical strength to have prepared and handled the arsenal he reportedly carried and the frankly unbelievable accuracy rate he displayed. His purported lack of public history, the strange connections with his brother Ryan and the possible LIBOR banking scandal connections of his father. We cover all the theories that go so far as to suggest there were no victims, the shooter never existed, there never was a school and the majority of the town of Sandy Hook was in on the event.

With Gene Rosen, H. Wayne Carver, Wolfgang Halbig, Anderson Cooper, Chris Manfredonia, Dawn Hochsrpung, Victoria Soto, Peter Lanza, the Hockleys, the Parkers, the Wheelers, the Sexton-Greenbergs, the Phelps, the helicopter footage, the Firehouse, the Christmas trees, fake tears, laughing grief, the autistic scale, gun control, Nuns on the run in a purple van, the FBI, the CIA, Barack Obama and Emily Parker and the Sandy Hook kids at the Superbowl

Featuring Conspiracy Guys Gordo, Paul and Eamonn


  1. Hey, guys.
    Great episode. I’m from Connecticut. I’ve been following this from the moment we watched it live at work. Everything from the get, was sketchy. Do you plan on doing a cast on the Florida school shooting, and David Hogg?
    I caught the fact that Hogg was interviewing kids in a closet about a shooter in the school, 4 hrs before the shooter “arrived”. And 2 days later, the clip disappears from M.S. media.
    Great podcasts all in all.

  2. I enjoy listening to your shows but I am really disappointed about how this show was conducted. I know that this show is mostly based around your opinion but please consider those who have been affected by these incidents. The subject was discussed in a really one sided manner, with little reference to the considered opinions of experts on grievance or crisis management. For example, people may not immediately cry in the aftermath of a death as they are numb with shock and disbelief. A lot of material was also based on footage, which can be easily manipulated. I agree with your view that the depiction of Adam Lanza could be harmful to other autistic people. However, I am worried that when you say that you agree with these conspiracy theorists, you are giving them further approval to harass grieving families, who are further traumatized by people calling them and accusing them of lying. It also helps these people to avoid talking about issues that they find uncomfortable. They are basically using this theory as a comfort blanket to avoid confrontation, a bit similar to the behaviour of the left wing social activists you deride as close minded. I am reaching out to you as I hope that, firstly, we can have a polite discussion on this, and secondly, think about those who are affected.

  3. Good episode. I was just curious about the conspiracy since I missed it entirely. 1 piece of criticism, please learn the difference between semi automatic and full.

  4. I’m late to joining this podcast, enjoyed the first few episodes so far. I came to the website to checkout the links etc that they said would be here, but I can’t see anything? Any ideas as to where I can find them?


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