The Ouija Board

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The Ouija Board
From a Victorian parlour game to a direct line straight to the devil himself, Ouija is feared the world over.

The Ouija Boardouija

On this Podcast we cast a suspenseful eye over the paranormal parlor game that became a supernatural phenomenon. The mysteriously named and demonically imbued party piece that is the Ouija Board. Covered in letters, numbers, yes, no and goodbye it seems to remotely spell out messages via the round or heart shaped planchette. Building in mystique, the horrific and dangerous aura of the Ouija board is now one of the most universally recognizable icons of the dark arts known as Black Magic.

The real and the fake: Ouija experiences

Through it’s placement in modern media, such as it’s key role in horror classic The Exorcist, the Ouija board has become an item laden with other worldly attributes. It’s place in the cultural consciousness now equally feared and maligned today. Growing in prominence and use over the years since it’s creation the tales of incredible and abnormal occurrences attributed to the board continue to grow everyday, and come from every corner of the world. It’s rumored to have the powers to contact the dead, raise angels and demons and pass messages from another realm. A instrument of mediumship that provides a practical tool of communication for séances and spiritual gatherings. We’ll discuss the Ouija board experiences and the wider beliefs in psychic forces.

Automatic writing or Paranormal conduit

From it’s innocuous inception we look at the history and genesis of this controversial toy. It’s rise in prominence throughout the Victorian era and the flourish of paranormal interest of the early 20th century. We’ll cover the science of automatic writing and subconscious actions of the ideomotor effect that have sought to provide a tangible explanation for the elusive functions of the board. We aim to unlock the secrets of the Ouija board and the truth behind the silent, supernatural slab of wood.

With demonic possession, malevolent spirits, cryptic messages, future predictions, shokcing stories, mass hysteria, group hallucinations, mediums, shaman, wiccans, the Fox sisters, the Kenard toy company, paranormal patents, Mary Todd Lincoln, Sylvia Plath and W.B. Yeats

Featuring Conspiracy Guys Gordo, Paul and Eamonn


  1. Hey guys good show, keep up the good work, i tuned into your show about the Ouije boards, Its funny and interesting , you put a section where you played a clip about some woman finding faith or something, but never came through the show, couldn’t here anything. Back in the 1800 i think they were bored out of the tits, there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do back then and a you say it was a bit of fun , reminds me of the catholic church, a bit of a boogie man to scare people and manipulate the vulnerable and i’m sure there was money to be made out of it, it’s the healing shit, just making money out of the easily manipulated, its like the church saying if you don’t support us you go to hell. .i think it started of as fun, but then, when the church got wind of it, they made people believe it was evil because it doesn’t fit i with there way of thinking, i don’t know

  2. Thanks John, the missing audio is fixed now! Sorry! You probably thought you were going mental? Like you say, anything that can be used to make money, will be discovered and used. Most times not exploited or abused, that seems to be an extremist attitude. There are lots of businesses that see a niche in the market and invent or innovate a product to fill that gap. There are some businesses that are only perceived to be insidious and have a bad reputation and others who definitely deserve it. Facebook is making millions from people’s personal information, ebay is making millions on people who just want to sell their stuff, bottled water makes millions for many companies by selling WATER, that is worse for your health than drinking it right out of the drain (added sugars, salts and preservatives)! If we have learned anything from the movie Jurassic Park, its that people taste great; and that if something sparks human interest and can be taken advantage of, it usually is, but the effects of these actions are unpredictable and can develop into something uncontrollable. Thanks for the interest in our podcast, we promise not to take advantage of you!

  3. Tnx for the reply , would make my life easier if didn’t. There is something I feel very strongly about and i assume millions of people who have feelings and a heart would agree, that the abuse on children all over the world is getting beyond a joke, I just read that a muslim man of 40 killed his 8 yr old wife from continues rape, she died from bleeding out. I’m not against any ones religion but using that to rape children is sick. I know you agree and would love if you could do a show on this topic. The west minster paedophile ring and the jimmy savile being to close with queen mother, it’s all one big cover up by the royals, its worth a look, and I would love if it got around the world. I’m assuming everyone knows but just in case. Maybe some one out there who is going through this nightmare them selves listening to you might be encouraged to report there abuse and get help, who knows.
    Tnx guys .


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