September 11th Attacks

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September 11th attacks
Flight 175 about to strike the South Tower

The Official Story of September 11thGround Zero

On this Podcast we tackle the grand conspiracy of our generation, the September 11th attacks in New York city. An event which changed the economic and geopolitical landscape of the world as we know it today. Starting a chain reaction of conflicts that changed, war, terrorism, travel and intelligence the world over. On September 11th 2001 four commercial jetliners were hijacked by 19 terrorists from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon. Funded and trained by Al Qaeda and it’s leader Osama Bin Laden the terrorist attack is still the single biggest loss of US civilian life in an act of terrorism. By the end of the day all four planes and their passengers were destroyed. The Pentagon was burning, Flight 93 was downed in a Pennsylvania field and the twin towers of the World Trade Center plaza were gone.

9/11: the evidence, the lies, the inside job

For 15 years accusations have swirled of government involvement. Be it stoic fore-knowledge or total complicity all theories point to a conspiracy of treasonous actions. The 9/11 Truth movement, still pushing for new investigations today, have archived thousands of pieces of evidence and research. The Architects and Engineers group have over 2000 trained personnel dumbfounded by the science of the official NIST report. Fingers have pointed to military stand-downs and suspicious drills. Bush administration connections and agendas. Financial frauds and criminal cover-ups. Faulty testimony and phony evidence. And all the grand physical impossibilities of the coordinated and curios attacks. From flight paths and phone calls to jet fuel and melted steel beams. We’ll pour over all the evidence, allegations, facts and frauds widely available on the internet.

After the World Trade Center

When attempting to answer the big questions of the who and why of the parties responsible we ask who had the motive and opportunity to pull off such a vastly orchestrated operation. Who stood to benefit, and in hindsight, who did benefit from the attacks, the ensuing War on Terror and the world we see today. We analyze the changes to movement and personal privacy, and the legislation that has changed the rights of the individual. We’ll talk about the intelligence agencies and military institutions rumored to be involved and attempt to connect the web of conspirators behind the attacks. From Washington to Israel, Saudi Arabia to Iraq and countless lives in-between.

With controlled demolitions, phantom planes, advanced energy weapons, magic passports, CGI news, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Norman Mineta, Ralph Eberhart, Barry Jennings, Larry Silverstein, Osama Bin Laden, Hani Hanjour, Mohammed Atta, George H. W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, George Dubya, Judy Wood, Stephen Jones and My Pet Goat, CIA, FBI, SEC, NORAD, the Twin Towers, Building 7, bombs, box-cutters and another 24 hours that will live in infamy

Featuring Conspiracy Guys Gordon, Paul, Eamonn and Sean

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  1. are your wills up to date?…..coz you could all have mysterious accidents or get rendition-ed or end up living the high life in Hawaii

  2. We’ve made an executive decision not to board the same Malaysia Air flight together. I’m not saying they can’t get us, but we’re not going to make it easy.
    Thanks for the comment. I assume you love the Podcast and not the attacks themselves. We feel the same.

  3. I have just finished listening to everything I can get my hands on, as soon as I can afford it I will be becoming a patron. Thank you for the ace material. Peace and love x

  4. Hi! Can’t find for love nor money the 09/11 podcast could u help? Keep up the good work, listened to a good 2/3 of your poddys, has a few months off and now back for more! Ace 🙂


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