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DUMBS & Phil Schneider

    Sources from our research into DUMBS and Phil Schneider, including other videos, websites, characters, stories, examples or thoughts associated with this topic which also include eugenics, aliens and ufos, psychic spies, cold fusion, al beilek and extra terrestrial invasion. There is often too much source material to mention it all or it would be irrelevant in a podcast, like video clips; so some of these were used in the episode, while some were found after recording, to corroborate or debunk the subject matter in the episode.

    What is the largest spider in the world?

    You will be forgiven for giving this article a miss, but the question was raised in our D.U.M.Bs episode of really how big the biggest spider on Earth is, and has had us wondering the answer ever since. So in line with our mandate here on Those Conspiracy Guys we thought we'd scour the internet and subject ourselves to skin crawling pictures of giant spiders in order to provide you with a succinct terror free answer to add to the...

    What NOT to watch on Netflix: The Time Machine (2002)

    H.G Wells: A man before his time As mentioned in passing in our 'D.U.M.Bs: The Ballad of Phil Schneider' episode, The Time Machine, a 2002 remake of the iconic 1960 adaptation of the even more iconic H.G. Wells novel. The novel was a breakthrough in literature and one of the first pieces of Science Fiction to introduce the changing timeline paradox that made the first two Back To The Future movies quite the head scratcher for the original adolescent audiences. The...

    NSFW: The Death of Phil Schneider

    Phil Schneider was always near death This time we talk about The Ballad of Phil Schneider and his connection to the over-arcing conspiracy of Deep Underground Military Bases. The existence of DUMBs, their inexplicable size and connected global network and their long rumoured housing of Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities is a large and sprawling theory that takes in decades of claims and numerous UFO and Secret Military researchers. Phil Schneider however is inextricably linked to all of this. His claims that he...

    Stranger at the Pentagon: The story of Valiant Thor

    Dr. Frank E. Stranges One of the great tenants of the huge Extra Terrestrial/UFO lore that has blanketed conspiracy theories for over 80 years, and one which has enthralled certain fringe 'believers': the story of Valiant Thor. The story stems from a book by Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Stranger at the Pentagon, first published in 1967. Dr. Stranges (not the Marvel one) was a Christian preacher and founder of International Evangelism Crusades, as well as being a UFO hunter and freelance private...

    Should you punch a shark in the nose? It depends what he said about...

    In our 'D.U.M.Bs in Dulce' episode we mentioned the Ampullae of Lorenzini, the extra sense of electro-reception possessed by sharks and some of their close relatives through a set of salty gel filled tubes dotted about the mouth and nose of sharks that act as voltmeters. The Ampullae amplify incoming electric signals and a nerve cluster at the bottom of each ampulla detect electrical impulses, changes in water temperature that affect ambient voltage and even the tiny electric charge...

    Derinkuyu: Turkey’s Ancient Underground City

    As mentioned in our D.U.M.Bs in Dulce: The Ballad of Phil Schneider episode. Derinkuyu is the deepest known underground settlement in the world. Discovered in the Cappadocia region in central Anatolia, Turkey in 1963 it was expanded by many civilizations to its current size of being able to house over 20,000 people and enough food stores, livestock, tools and weaponry to fully sustain that compliment of inhabitants for years. It is also complete with its own ventilation system and fully function fresh water...
    DUMBS and Phil Schneider

    DUMBS and Phil Schneider

    DUMBS and Phil Schneider On this Podcast we delve into the claims of Deep Underground (or undersea) Military Bases and their some rumored, some confirmed existence dotted all over the globe. The story of DUMBS and Phil Schneider the main advocate for the conspiracy theories connects into numerous other theories of aliens and hidden advanced technologies. These 'blacksites' as they are known are said to often be beyond government oversight and reside on hidden budgets with clandestine hierarchies. The rumors...

    Al Beilek debunked

    We're harking back to our Philadelphia Experiment episode with this one. One of the breakout stars of that episode was a man named Al Bielek. An insider and whistle-blower of that rumoured military experiment from World War 2. At least that's how he portrays himself. We found the Bielek yarn gripping, if not a little absurd in places. Tales of time travelling boats and trains, Tesla and Einstein, floating cities and consciousness regressing and replacement. An honest appraisal is that it's exciting and...




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